5 surprisingly OK prompts that Midjourney will accept

Of course, I can completely understand Midjourney keeping the rules for prohibited content as vague as possible. The more specific the restrictions on the prompts that can’t be entered, the easier it becomes for bad people to get around them. That said, I would be interested in a full list of what words are banned by the developers. That doesn’t exist yet, but at least there’s a start: On Reddit, I stumbled across this Google Sheet with far more than 150 entries. It also contains another spreadsheet with five terms that are “surprisingly” not blocked. What Midjourney means by this, you can see below.

I intentionally stopped the generations after the first level so that I wouldn’t run the risk of losing my account. But that’s not supposed to happen as quickly as I feared, David Holz said just the other day.


Admittedly, the term itself is innocent, but what people have done with it is probably widely known. However, in my opinion, the curvy pictures capture the meaning excellently.

robotspaint curvy 677ef639 d5cc 43c0 a16e fac4af2dcfd3


Again, it’s debatable whether the term was simply forgotten or if it’s intentional that it’s not forbidden – but I think more the latter. Sometimes with a little more, sometimes less detailed facial features, a goddess is definitely recognizable here.

robotspaint goddess 795e2082 fd02 4e0c 8a90 f2ae0b88a2a3


Oddly enough, the plural of the word is banned, but in the singular it causes no problems. The results leave a lot of room for interpretation.

robotspaint Milker ab8beb72 d68b 44c2 8cc7 95a198b27464

“Dead Body”

Although the vaguely worded rules even explicitly mention “gore” as prohibited content, a relatively obvious term is not blacklisted. I find the images surprisingly detailed and definitely scary, even in the low resolution.

robotspaint dead body de132d03 580a 47d5 b4b1 f8be28d4a4d0

“Tig ol’ biddies”

Finally, there’s a term that I certainly wouldn’t have thought of myself. Even if it doesn’t make any sense per se, a person can understand at a glance what is actually meant. Despite the literalism, Midjourney can also do something with it – and perhaps brings us closer to AI pornography than almost any other prompt.

robotspaint tig ol biddies 22be9cdb 7060 4824 94cd a3f6317ce4bd

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