That must have taken ages! In early July, Midjourney community member Sincarnate posted a great achievement in the show-and-tell section of the official Discord server. One simple way to influence the output of Midjourney is to specify an artist to imitate in the prompt. A number of certain styles have already been trained with material, but you can also enter many other names.

What Midjourney then spits out is shown in this extensive Google Sheet. Because it would have taken much too long otherwise, there is only the low-resolution 2×2 preview for each artist name – but better than nothing. Each grid had been rendered with the same prompt “artwork by” and the name of the artist.

AI Artist Reference Google Sheet Sincarnate

“This list of artists was taken from OpenAi’s list of artists, but you will notice that some of the artist’s styles aren’t reflected in the images.  This is why I made the column [Artist style trained?] and I put “yes” or “no” depending on if the renders from MJ looked similar to the artist style or not. If it says no this means that artist’s style isn’t currently imitated by MJ.”, Sincarnate says.

“You can use this spreadsheet to visually identify styles of artists that you would like to use in your prompts. It is a great way of finding multiple artists to combine in your prompt quickly without having to individually look up artists.” Not only we want to thank Sincarnate from the bottom of our hearts for the hours of work. Numerous other community members are also enthusiastic about the idea. If you’re interested in more AI generated artist comparisons, here’s an extensive database based on Nightcafe.

Understanding Midjourney

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