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In my eyes, Midjourney has already created impressively high-resolution images before, at least if you had used the Upsize option. This delivered images with an aspect ratio of 16:9 with 2048 x 1152 pixels, which is still above Full HD and in my opinion sufficient to make them available as stock images. Problem only: This feature is only possible with Fast GPU hours, which have a certain limit. Now Midjourney has introduced a blatantly improved upscaler that does an excellent job, at least in most cases.

In the same 16:9 ratio, generated images thus have a great resolution of 2688 x 1536 pixels, which expands the application possibilities many times over again. And perhaps best of all, it can also be used in /relaxed mode, so it’s practically infinite without drowning in rising costs.

However, when announcing the new upscaler in the beta phase, David Holz also directly adds when you can expect better results and when not. Cartoons or pictures in photorealistic style should not be able to be upscaled well. It looks better with landscapes, paintings or pencil drawings. In addition, the upscaler should never add disturbing content like grunge or dirt and always stay extremely close to the original image.

New Midjourney upscaler: “Bleeding-edge of tech”

You can enable it by using –upbeta or /settings then “Beta upscale”
IMPORTANT information about –upbeta
It’s very high resolution (50% more than ‘max upscale’)
It will work in relax mode
It stays extremely close to the original image
It is clean, smooth and subtle It will not fix defects in your original image (eyes bad in low-res remain bad in high res)
It never adds ‘grunge’ or ‘dirt’ details (you gotta add it with text prompts if you want it)
– There are many images it won’t do well with (ie: cartoons / photos)
– There are many images it looks amazing with (ie: landscapes, paintings, pencil drawings)

We hope you enjoy being on the bleeding-edge of tech here and we hope you can use this new upscaler to make some beautiful new wallpaper-class resolution images.

Testing the new Midjourney upscaler: less detail, more pixel

Of course, I didn’t wait long to give the new upscaler a chance, even though it’s only in beta – after all, that’s where Midjourney’s full range is as well, and the results are already completely stunning. Practical: As soon as --upbeta is included in the prompt or the setting is simply made via /settings, it only takes one step from the first four suggestions after the prompt to the best-resolution image instead of two as before. If the result has too little detail, a lower resolution version with more detail can still be generated. It will then look like this:

/imagine prompt: internet --upbeta --ar 16:9
robotspaint internet a842f3c9 bcd6 451d 8cca dd5497f452aa
robotspaint internet c523dfcb fa33 4b62 8013 074334a0a5d8
Detailed Upscale Redo
robotspaint internet 9398e2c6 f3f8 4f03 a7a9 9778ad139b63


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