Midjourney introduces new options to show off your AI-powered art and changes ToS

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If you generate an image with Midjourney and don’t pay extra monthly for the private subscription, you make your work directly public – even if you are in a private conversation with the Midjourney bot and don’t use any of the #newbie channels on the official server. The terms of service state that Midjourney may republish it. And they do that on their own website, for example, where individual images are featured. But there are to be other channels. Midjourney does not yet have an official Instagram account, for example (who grabbed @midjourney …) – but that will apparently change soon. At least that’s what David Holz says in the #announcements on August 18.

1) We’re starting a new ‘featured projects’ campaign! Featured projects will go on a new social media account as well as on a dedicated ‘featured projects’ website
To submit featured projects go here: https://o9q981dirmk.typeform.com/to/VRzRLcRG

As if that wasn’t enough, new chat rooms on Discord are also to add to the already impressive number. It’s not unusual for Midjourney to be just the cornerstone for further artistic experiments, and they should get a big stage. I wonder if the second channel, which is supposed to show Midjourney creations in the real world, was inspired by yesterday’s Office Hours. After all, that’s exactly what it was about. Holz also asked in the course of this for contacting people with “big venues in big cities” to perhaps implement a real-life project.

2) We’ve added three new chatrooms to help people show off their projects
#paintovers – For people doing paint-overs or significant edits to MJ works
#in-the-world for MJ related projects that have manifested somewhere in the real physical world
#wip for cool works-in-progress for MJ related projects you’re working on

Private pictures are not 100% private

And at the beginning I mentioned that there is a private subscription (which you can start by typing /private). To this end, the terms of use have been adjusted. They make “best efforts” not to publish the created pictures – but they don’t want to promise anything. So if a private picture does get out to the public, it’s hard to sue Midjourney.

3) We’ve updated our Terms of Service to provide extra protection for people who have purchased the privacy “add-on” plan or a corporate plan. – Our goal is to basically provide assurances to people who are doing confidential projects that you’re “safe” on our platform and we won’t republish your stuff. – We don’t provide this guarantee for normal users as our “public by default” policy has all images viewable on our member-gallery

Here’s the exact wording for new terms of service text: If you are subject to a corporate license, or bought a privacy add-on to your subscription, we agree to make best efforts not to publish any Assets you make in any situation where “Private mode” is engaged in the Services. Please be aware that any image you make in a shared or open space such as a Discord chatroom, is viewable by anyone in that chatroom, regardless of whether Private mode is engaged.

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