That’s exactly why I’m doing the whole thing here: So that valuable tips from the community like this one don’t simply disappear into the infinite internet. Although the first users of his tool are already extremely enthusiastic and recommend that he contact the developers of Midjourney, Reddit user runew0lf doesn’t even know who to contact. With Midprompt, he has created a fantastic Discord bot that can be used to create even complex Midjourney prompts in no time at all, without wasting your time in any databases with references.

Once you have added Midprompt to a server, you can start using /midprompt. Note, however, that only the prompt is generated afterwards, not the image itself. You still need to copy the command to your private chat with the midjourney bot or a public channel where he is present.

If you want to try Midprompt yourself, create your own Discord server, if not already done, so you can add the bot to it. You can do that via this link. Es handelt sich hierbei noch um eine sehr frΓΌhe Version des Bots. runicw0lf has already received a lot of suggestions from the community on how it could be improved and promised to collect them and possibly integrate them soon.


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