Will Midjourney soon offer split memberships for multiple people?

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“Subscriptions are intended for a single user,” states the current membership options found at Midjourney. While you can generate a few images for free on the public Discord server, you’ll quickly reach the limits once you’re hooked. Then you have to pay either 10 dollars a month for the “Basic Membership” or 30 dollars for the “Standard Membership”. If you belong to a company with more than one million dollars in annual sales, you have to pay 600 dollars for a “Corporate Membership”.

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But that certainly doesn’t cover all the cases in which Midjourney is used. In most cases, you don’t just want to look at your great AI creations yourself, but show them off to your friends. And as soon as they get excited about it, they have to buy their own membership. There must be another way. A community member wanted to know from David Holz on August 17, 2022, in the Office Hours, whether memberships for several people were planned, who would then share the coveted fast CPU hours? And I mean, sure, you’re already used to being able to share your subscription with friends or family in the rest of your life, whether it’s Netflix, Spotify or Apple.

Holz reacts as if he had not heard the question for the first time. They were already halfway there, but rejected it in the end. Above all, they are afraid of a “sugardaddy dynamic” building up in which users disproportionately give others their hours. One possible alternative would be to allow others to buy an annual subscription, but he doesn’t seem all that happy with the idea. If anyone has a better suggestion, they should contact him.

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